Compliments And Concerns

Patient Testimonials and Compliments- you can send yours by email to 

  • 2023 Compliments-
  • I would like to thank the doctor for all his help in helping with my problem. Thank you”

  • “This is new practise & new doctor & first call with a GP. I am very happy moved to this surgery based on today’s appointment “

  • “I am very happy with Dr. with the care advice and medication he has given me in the past years.”

  • “On request Dr.makes him self available to speak too, gives straight forward advise and is always understanding.”

  • “Very good advice, straight to the point and explains it very well. Good judgment, and has genuine care. “

  • “Everything was explained so I could understand. He listened and didn’t judge. Was friendly and patient. Would be happy to see him again.”

  • “He was very helpful to me “


  • “Very informative, and efficient. Made me feel at ease, “

  • “As a new patient the Dr listened to me and hopefully I will be be able to get the appropriate treatment as time goes on.”

  • “this doctor is very nice .because of your good qualities the sick forgets his illness very nice Doctor .everyone should be like this .Child doctors or adult doctor know urdu punjabi even then they say we don’t know .But I like this doctor habit very much .because he spoke to me in the language that I knew .”

  • BN  on 25th July 2022–Just a little message to say Thank you to KS, for the professionalism when speaking to her at the Aveley Medical centre. A very long call and K’s patience and listening was above and beyond. Also must thank Sarah also for this morning.
  • JB on 15.02.21–    Very easy to order repeat prescriptions, Responsive to emails

  • SH on 15.02.21 — A big thank you for the speed and efficiency in receiving my first Covid vaccination.
  • CS on 15.02.21 — Came in to Aveley surgery today to see nurse W. I received exceptional service, she gave me the immunisation I required for work purposes as well as printing the relevant document I needed as proof with no issue at all. I felt safe and at ease whilst there.
  • JM on 15.02.21 — I know the CQC report makes for grim reading, but if it was based on the front line staff alone then it would be a very different story.  Staff are very personable and professional. It’s hard not to let negative feedback demotivate staff so I just want to say thank you. You all do a great job and I for one am very grateful for the kindness and service you provide to me.  Stay safe.
  • AD on 15.02.21  — I just wanted to say after having my first dose of the covid vaccination at the Thurrock community centre how well organized everything was from the minute you drove in, a person was there to advise you what and where to go. Social distancing measures were met, and an option of waiting 10minutes after the injection in a social distancing room.
  • Thankyou to all the wonderful staff who have taken up their valuable time in making this process a comfortable and safe environment for all.
  • LB on 15.02.21  — First of all, thank you. For ensuring my name was on the CEV list. I received the text message advising me that I should book a vaccination appointment at Orsett Hospital and I followed the link provided.
    In truth that was a bit complicated and I appear to have registered myself as an NHS worker when I’m not. And i couldnt see how to book for Orsett
     Fortunately a Facebook group run by Essex Council had another link and that allowed me to book the appointment at Stifford Clays. You kindly called me on Monday to check I had booked
    All went well on the day, I was contacted to see if I wanted to come in a bit earlier due to the snow. I did but it meant there was a queue outside of about an hour
    But as I said at the time, I would rather queue outside a hospital than be on a bed inside one.

    My next shot is booked for April and I’m really grateful. Thanks again, you are all doing a wonderful job

     JA 10.02.21 — My question is why are we still being bounced back and forward regarding prescriptions between pharmacy-doctors warren medication
    Is month on month I can’t remember how many times we have turned up and it’s not ready or they can’t fulfill especially the truelicity insulin.
    This has a huge effect on our family as this has happened more than once !

  • On a positive I had a had a fabulous lady on reception about 3 weeks ago while trying to reorder my HRT having previously gone to the Bluebell and it was closed door locked ! Approx 10 mins before the lunch time close!!
    Apparently expecting you to knock at the door but with no sign with instructions ???                                ACTION TAKEN :  discussed with JA and spouse about their concerns, changes made in surgery , new sign board fixed and now Bluebell branch has a door bell
LT on 16.02.21  : As someone who was diagnosed with breast cancer, had surgery and now about to start Radiotherapy I would like thank all the staff at The Aveley Medical Centre for their continued hard work during these challenging times  and in particular L (I hope I got her name right) on reception whom I spoke to regarding medication and breast cancer.  She was so lovely and helpful and did not hurry me when I found myself babbling!!!! Also F who at the very beginning did exactly what I asked for regarding my original referral and got back to me when she said she would.  It makes such a difference. Thank you.