Patient Participation Group

Patient Participation Group

The difficulties experienced by us all, as we adapt to the new norms, mean that we cannot undertake many of the tasks and relationships that we used to have. That said, it was my intention to recommence the PPG meetings with a virtual meeting.


What is the Patient Participation Group- APPLE Group?

We are all registered patients of the Practice that volunteer and meet regularly to provide a patient’s perspective on the delivery of services by the staff in a positive and constructive manner. We work with the Practice staff to ensure that the patient is at the centre of involvement and that their experience is the best achievable.


Be at the ‘core’ of patient needs and enhancing the practice services to the patients of Aveley and South Ockendon. We are a group of patients who meet regularly to act  as ‘critical friends’ to the surgery, with the aim of improving the experiences of those who use the practise. We do this in a variety of ways including discussion, surveys, sharing information and supporting or organising activities.


Our purpose is not to discuss personal medical issues and complaints. These are best referred to the practice manager.


In order to widen the range of opinions of patients represented, the Patient Participation Group PPG is developing a virtual membership group.


APPLE Invitation

To join the virtual PPG, the PPG, or for further information, you can leave your details via:


PPG Code of Conduct

All Members of the PPG (including the Virtual PPG) make this commitment:

A.   To respect practice and patient confidentiality at all times.

B.   To treat each other with mutual respect and act and contribute in a manner that is in the best interests of all patients.

C.   To be open, flexible, listening and supporting each other.

D.   Not to use the PPG as a forum for personal agendas or complaints. These should be taken forward through other appropriate channels.

E.   To accept that the ruling of the Chair or other presiding officer is final on matters relating to orderly conduct.

F.    Otherwise to abide by principles of good meeting practice, for example:

* Reading papers in advance

*  Arriving on time

*  Switching mobile phones to silent

*  Allowing others to speak and be heard/respected



Apple Meeting 18th Spetember 2023

Apple Meeting 12.06.23

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